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Joint vs. sole custody in Mississippi

When Mississippi parents get a divorce, they must come to an agreement on several issues including child custody. There are two types of child custody: legal and physical. Parents who have legal custody over a child are able to make legal decisions that impact the child such as health, education and general welfare. Parents who have physical custody of the child are able to provide the child with a home and daily care.

International abductions in non-Hague Convention cases

A previous Mississippi blog post discussed the Hague Abduction Convention, an international treaty that allows parents to request access to, or the return of, their child who was wrongfully taken across international borders. However, parents may only do so if the other country has adopted the Convention. There are other avenues of assistance for parents of children who were internationally abducted to a country that has not adopted the Convention.

International abductions: The Hague Abduction Convention

A Mississippi child may be illegally removed from the care of his or her legal guardian, often by a parent, because of a child custody dispute or other divorce issues. If that parent lives abroad, it may further complicate the situation. Parents seeking the return of their child taken abroad have options, depending on whether the country has adopted The Hague Abduction Convention.

Can I modify my child custody or visitation order?

Child custody and visitation orders are often the result of careful consideration and compromise. However, what worked when the initial agreement was reached may not work anymore as families' situations change over time. The terms of an agreement may no longer be practical or appropriate depending on the parents' and children's circumstances. In Mississippi, parents may petition the court for modification and must meet certain requirements to have their orders modified.

Supreme Court to consider legal rights of lesbian parent

A woman has filed an appeal to the Mississippi Supreme Court, challenging the lower court's ruling that she is not the legal parent of a child born during her lesbian marriage. The woman's ex-wife conceived their son with sperm from an anonymous donor and was granted physical custody. The woman who filed the appeal is seeking more than "in loco parentis" status; she wants to be legally recognized as the child's parent.

How is child support affected by joint custody?

One of factors taken into consideration when determining child support is how much time each parent will spend with the child. If a child lives with one parent, that parent has primary physical custody and will usually receive child support since they are mostly responsible for the child's everyday expenses.

Understanding child custody basics in Mississippi

Child custody concerns can be one of the most significant concerns that come up during the divorce process. Child custody concerns are guided by what is in the best interests of the child. The court will consider several factors when determining child custody including the sex of the child, the health of the child, who the child's primary caregiver was prior to the divorce, the parenting skills of the parents, the willingness of the parents to care for the child, the emotional ties between the child and parents and the moral fitness of each of the parents.

Tips to help prevent an international child abduction

Often emotions can run high when Mississippi parents are no longer together. These moments can lead to parents making bad decisions, like abducting their children. International child abduction can happen as the result of child custody issues.

3 child custody issues you should know as a military parent

Divorce and child custody are always complicated, even in the best circumstances. As a service member, you face an even more complex situation. You will have to deal with the challenges of deployment and possible relocation and the effects they may have on your children.

Co-parenting for the best interests of the children

When residents in Mississippi start a family the last thing on their mind is that they will be torn apart by divorce. While dissolution is often an unpleasant event, it is often a necessary step to take. In fact, roughly half of all marriages end in divorce. That means that the process impacts some children. Even when children are involved, a divorce must go on; however, parents are required to make major decisions, such as what type of custody arrangement will work best for everyone involved.

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