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Filing for Mississippi Chapter 7 bankruptcy won't cost your home

It only takes a few rough weeks or a single accident to put the average American in financial trouble. Whether it's a car accident that results in medical bills and loss of a job or a sudden lay-off at work, when something happens to you financially, the problems can quickly grow out of control.

5 signs that divorce is looming

Divorce is a difficult choice to make. It is generally not something that most people wake up and decide to do one day. For many people, it is a culmination of feelings, behaviors and acts over the course of months or even years. For example, you might feel unhappy in your marriage, angry or frustrated. Furthermore, these feelings could have started occurring awhile back.

3 signs it’s time to file bankruptcy

When you first opened your credit card account, you probably did not think that you would eventually be struggling to make payments. When you have to choose between putting food on the table and making a mortgage payment or a credit card payment, the choice seems obvious. Unfortunately, a combination of overwhelming debt and loss of income can lead to these kinds of circumstances. If you have found yourself in this position, you are not alone. Several of your Gulfport neighbors have more than likely found themselves in a similar situation.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy can help you get back on your feet

It doesn't take long for a small issue to become a huge financial mess. Maybe you experienced a sudden medical event, like a stroke or a heart attack. Perhaps you got into a car accident. Sometimes, the death of a loved one could call you out of town or leave you unable to deal with the daily details of life.

Military members face serious consequences for DUI offenses

In any circumstances, a driving under the influence (DUI) charge can carry a host of negative consequences. Jail time can keep you from showing up to work. Even employers who might ignore your missed work may have policies about employees getting convicted of crimes. Many people lose their jobs over criminal convictions. If your career is in the United States Military, the potential consequences are even more severe.

Military life and child custody can work together

Military members have a lot of work-related duties that they can't just shirk off. They have to appear for their scheduled shifts unless they have a valid reason to miss them. Sadly, this means that taking the day off for no reason isn't something that is possible. Some spouses can't handle this aspect of military life and opt to end the marriage.

Facing a creditor lawsuit? Bankruptcy may be the answer

It doesn't take much to push you into debt. Many people start out their professional careers already carrying substantial student loan debt. From there, you add credit card debt, a mortgage and maybe a financed vehicle. You're only one serious illness or accident away from being in financial trouble. Any situation that could result in missed work and lost wages could make you unable to make your monthly minimum payment. When that happens, you could quickly find yourself on the receiving end of a lawsuit from one of your creditors. You only have a few options.

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