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Woman arrested in Mississippi for domestic violence

Domestic violence charges are serious and should not be treated lightly. A woman was recently arrested in Mississippi for aggravated assault domestic violence after an alleged incident involving the woman's boyfriend. According to the woman's boyfriend, the couple was leaving a friend's home following an argument when an alleged domestic assault ensued. According to investigators, the man was riding a motorcycle and the woman was driving a vehicle when she allegedly hit him with the vehicle.

What are felony charges and the penalties for them?

Felony charges are particularly serious charges and accused individuals facing them may wonder why and what the possible penalties are that individuals accused of committing a felony should expect. Felony charges are the most serious criminal charges an accused individual can face. Felonies are divided by classes which also impacts the potential punishment the accused individual faces.

How do I get custody of my children in a divorce?

Getting custody of your children may be a high priority for you in a divorce. As a result, it is helpful to understand how child custody decisions are determined. To begin with, it is helpful to know how the family law court evaluates child custody disputes. Child custody decisions are based on a variety of factors that the family law court takes into account when determining custody.

Bankrupty conundrum: Should you file?

The last thing you ever thought you'd be considering is going through bankruptcy. However, with your finances extremely tight and your mortgage falling behind, you want to do anything you can to save your home and the work you've put into building a life for yourself.

What is Chapter 13 reorganization bankruptcy?

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is one type of personal bankruptcy that can help individuals who are struggling with debt to address their financial concerns. Unlike Chapter 7 liquidation bankruptcy, which allows the filing party to liquidate non-exempt assets to repay creditors, Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows the filing party to reorganize their debts and repay them according to a repayment plan developed with the bankruptcy court, which will ultimately allow the filing party to enjoy a fresh financial start without liquidating any of their assets.

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