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5 signs that divorce is looming

Divorce is a difficult choice to make. It is generally not something that most people wake up and decide to do one day. For many people, it is a culmination of feelings, behaviors and acts over the course of months or even years. For example, you might feel unhappy in your marriage, angry or frustrated. Furthermore, these feelings could have started occurring awhile back.

If you have been unhappy in your marriage, you might be wondering if it is time to seriously consider divorce. Here are few possible indications that divorce might be worth giving thought to.

You feel like you are better off alone

Many people wax nostalgic about their youth and days gone by, so if you occasionally find yourself looking longingly at the past, you are not alone. In fact, this is perfectly normal. However, if you see your future without your husband and believe single-hood is a better option than staying in your marriage, it might be time to seriously consider divorce.

You are not getting anything out of it

If your relationship is no longer providing the physical, emotional and spiritual support you need, this might be a sign to think about ending it. In general, if your marriage is not fulfilling your needs, then calling it quits might be the best option.

The kids are keeping you together

If you are staying together for the kids, you may be doing it for the wrong reason. Studies have shown that a couple remaining married despite a high level of unhappiness can actually have a more harmful effect on the children than divorce does.

Marriage counseling isn't working

One of the first things that people often do when a relationship starts to break down is to seek out counseling. For some, this can mend the damage and move on. For others, all the marriage counseling in the world is not going to help. If you and your husband have attended sessions and there are no improvements or one or both of you is not fully participating, it could be a sign to start considering throwing in the towel.

The trust is gone

If a lack of trust is the issue, there is a chance it could never come back. When there is no longer trust in a marriage, or respect, then the foundation of the relationship could be essentially broken.

As this illustrates, there are many things that can contribute to a person's decision to get divorced. When a person makes this decision, they may hope it will trigger a brand new and fulfilling chapter in their life. However, before they start that chapter, they may have to face many other hurdles including marital property division, child custody issues and maybe even working out a spousal support agreement. This is why legal help can be important for divorcing individuals. 

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