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Should I enter into a plea bargain?

A previous blog post discussed plea bargaining - a strategy for defendants who wish to avoid trial, have certain charges dismissed or receive a lesser sentence. This is typically accomplished through three areas of plea negotiation: charge bargaining, sentence bargaining and fact bargaining. There are many considerations for defendants deciding whether to waive their right to a jury trial and enter into a plea bargain.

Overview of the Chapter 7 means test"

As this blog has discussed previously, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a great way for a struggling Gulfport, Mississippi, family struggling under the weight of debt get a fresh financial start. Many people in Gulfport prefer Chapter 7 since the process does not involve a repayment plan and can be resolved relatively quickly. Sometimes, a family does not even have to turn over any of their property after filing a Chapter 7.

What can be negotiated during plea bargaining?

Mississippi defendants may be able to resolve their cases through plea bargaining. A plea bargain is an agreement between the prosecutor and the defendant on the charges, sentence or facts associated with the defendant's case. The goal of plea bargaining is typically to avoid trial, have charges dismissed or to receive a lesser sentence. The seriousness of the crime, the allegations and evidence and the chances of a guilty verdict are all factors.

3 signs it’s time to file bankruptcy

When you first opened your credit card account, you probably did not think that you would eventually be struggling to make payments. When you have to choose between putting food on the table and making a mortgage payment or a credit card payment, the choice seems obvious. Unfortunately, a combination of overwhelming debt and loss of income can lead to these kinds of circumstances. If you have found yourself in this position, you are not alone. Several of your Gulfport neighbors have more than likely found themselves in a similar situation.

Court ruling: Mississippi woman's rights were violated

A Mississippi federal appeals court recently ruled that a woman's constitutional rights were violated when she was jailed for 96 days without seeing a judge. The woman is now entitled to sue the sheriff and county that wrongfully held her for so long.

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