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What are the field sobriety tests for DUI stops?

If a police officer believes a driver has been drinking, they may ask the driver to perform field sobriety tests in order to establish probable cause for an arrest. These tests are used to help officers determine whether the driver had been driving with blood alcohol content over the legal limit, which in Mississippi is .08 percent.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy exemptions for Mississippi residents

Declaring bankruptcy is sometimes the best solution for those struggling with debt. The Bankruptcy Code provides several methods of doing so, the most common of which is Chapter 7. Declaring bankruptcy under Chapter 7 allows a court-appointed bankruptcy trustee to sell all the debtor's non-exempt assets and use the proceeds to pay off their debts, thereby giving the debtor a fresh financial start.

Paying your child support is important to your custody case

Going through a divorce can be difficult. If your former spouse has temporary custody, that could mean you see your children far less than you would like. If your former spouse refuses to allow or intentionally cancels or shortens your visitation, it can be tempting to cut off child support payments in retribution. Doing so, however, could damage your chances of getting custody of your children during the divorce.

Supreme Court hears arguments in case about military divorce

Going through a divorce presents emotional, legal and financial difficulties. Division of property, spousal support and child custody are just a few of the legal issues facing most divorcing couples. Those going through a military divorce face some added challenges. With the need for application of perhaps unclear federal laws pertaining to service members or retired military personnel, the legal landscape of a military divorce can be complicated.

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