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Tips to help prevent an international child abduction

Often emotions can run high when Mississippi parents are no longer together. These moments can lead to parents making bad decisions, like abducting their children. International child abduction can happen as the result of child custody issues.

A child abduction is an extremely stressful time for parents. There are ways to help prevent an abduction attempt by a parent. Detailed custody orders that specify beginning and end dates of visits, restricting relocation of one parent and having supervised visitations can help prevent an abduction. Also, if a parent is at risk of abducting a child, having a neutral party or the court to hold a child's passports may be a good idea. It is also important for a parent to pay attention to their ex's life, including whether they unexpectedly sell their house or quit their job or close a bank account. These can be signs that a parent may be leaving the country. If a parent suspects a child abduction, they should notify police immediately and have the child's information entered into the FBI's National Crime Information Center.

Family custody issues can be complicated. A legal professional who is skilled in family law issues can help their client understand their options and help prevent serious issues. They can help provide experienced legal consultation for even the most complex issues. Their goal is to make sure their client's children stay safe and their best interests are being protected.

No one wants to have a situation where their children may be abducted by an ex. But, occasionally this nightmare occurs and families are torn apart. Paying attention to the warning signs and having a detailed legal plan can help prevent an international abduction.

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