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Understanding child custody basics in Mississippi

Child custody concerns can be one of the most significant concerns that come up during the divorce process. Child custody concerns are guided by what is in the best interests of the child. The court will consider several factors when determining child custody including the sex of the child, the health of the child, who the child's primary caregiver was prior to the divorce, the parenting skills of the parents, the willingness of the parents to care for the child, the emotional ties between the child and parents and the moral fitness of each of the parents.

Bankruptcy options can help with foreclosure concerns

The threat of foreclosure can hang over a family like a heavy and dark cloud. The prospect of losing a family home can lead to a significant amount of anxiety and concern. Fortunately, there are legal protections available to help struggling homeowners and individuals struggling with debt. The Chapter 13 bankruptcy process may be able to help homeowners who are facing a challenging situation and the anxiety and stress associated with a potential foreclosure.

Tips to help prevent an international child abduction

Often emotions can run high when Mississippi parents are no longer together. These moments can lead to parents making bad decisions, like abducting their children. International child abduction can happen as the result of child custody issues.

3 child custody issues you should know as a military parent

Divorce and child custody are always complicated, even in the best circumstances. As a service member, you face an even more complex situation. You will have to deal with the challenges of deployment and possible relocation and the effects they may have on your children.

Lawmakers work to add domestic violence as a ground for divorce

In Mississippi, couples who are planning to get a divorce have to give a reason for the divorce. Mississippi has both fault and no-fault divorces. Lawmakers are working on having domestic violence added for a reason in fault divorces. Those who have been accused of domestic violence may need a criminal defense attorney to represent their interests because of the high cost of a conviction.

What is the difference between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13?

Many residents in Mississippi find ways to save up money and work through financial problems; however, some debt situations are much too large to deal with on your own. In these cases, it is often crucial to think about what options are available and what help is accessible.

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