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DUI charges and your military career

You and few of your friends left base for a night out. You stopped at the local sports bar and had a few beers. It was a pretty typical Friday night until you got pulled over by a police officer.

You didn't pass the field test, resulting in a DUI charge and subsequent arrest. Now you're wondering what type of consequences you will face, not only in the civilian court, but also from your commanding officer.

A DUI issued by local law enforcement can have an impact on your military career. A drunk driving charge issued off base could lead to your commanding officer punishing you for misconduct. You could be facing extra duties or be referred to a substance abuse program.

As a uniformed service member, it is important to understand how the civilian and military justice systems interact in these types of situations. It is also in your best interests to understand your rights, how the process works, and what kind of consequences you could be facing.


Since driving under the influence is not a strictly military charge, like desertion, civilian courts can also have jurisdiction. This can depend on where the offense took place.

However, it is possible that the charges can be filed in both the military and civilian courts. When this happens, the two courts can coordinate in order to make decisions concerning prosecution and punishment.

Furthermore, if the charges are dropped in the civilian court, the military may still decide to enact punitive measures such as court martial.

Consequences of an off base offense

If you have been charged with a DUI off base, you will probably only face drunk driving charges in the civilian court. But, as mentioned above, your commanding officer may still take punitive action against you. In addition, the military might charge with another crime related to the incident, such as disorderly conduct.

In some cases, the military might decide to charge you with a DUI after your charges in the civilian court have been settled.

In the civilian court, a first offense DUI can land you with up to two days in jail, a possible court ordered substance abuse treatment program, and the installation of an interlock device on your vehicle. You could also be fined between $250 and $1,000.

DUI charges can carry serious consequences in both the civilian court and the military court. If you have been charged with drunk driving while off base, it is important that you understand your rights and options.

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