Your Ally Through The Divorce Process

A divorce can turn your life upside down, forcing you to leave many things behind. As a person who has been through a divorce, I find it is helpful to focus on tomorrow. With a skilled divorce lawyer by your side, you can turn the page on this chapter in your life and look forward to a happier, post-divorce future.

Things will not be as they once were. However, rest assured, the stress, anxiety and turmoil of the divorce process do have an end. I am here to guide you there, protecting your rights and interests along the way, so the healing can begin.

I handle a broad range of family law matters for clients in Gulfport and throughout surrounding Mississippi communities. My clients include military service members and their spouses seeking knowledgeable guidance for military divorce issues.

Divorce In Mississippi

In Mississippi, there are two types of divorce:

  • Fault-based or contested divorce, in which one spouse files for divorce based on one or more grounds, which include adultery, a criminal conviction, willful desertion, substance abuse, cruel and inhuman treatment and insanity
  • No-fault, or divorce due to irreconcilable differences, in which both spouses must agree to the divorce

Whatever your situation, I am here to provide you with experienced guidance throughout the divorce process. I understand the extreme emotional stakes of divorce and seek to resolve disputes in an amicable manner that is favorable to my clients. However, when aggressive litigation is necessary and appropriate, I am always prepared to protect my clients' rights in court.

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