Expungements/Post-Conviction Relief

If a criminal matter from your past is holding you back in life, you may be eligible for an expungement. A criminal record expungement essentially deletes a past arrest, or even conviction, from your record, so you can truthfully claim the incident did not happen when you are applying for a job, a school or a loan, or pursuing some other opportunity.

Mississippi expungement laws are complex, and there are many variables that determine whether or not a person is eligible for relief. Generally, if your arrest did not result in a formal charge or the charge was dismissed, the record can be expunged.

Certain convictions can be expunged as well, depending on the severity of the charge and the person's criminal history.

An expungement can help you:

  • Get a job
  • Obtain a professional license
  • Get accepted by an academic institution
  • Own a firearm

I have years of criminal law experience and can help you understand Mississippi expunction laws and how they apply to you.

I understand that good people make mistakes, especially when they are young. You shouldn't have to pay for a mistake for the rest of your life. I am here to help you put this criminal matter behind you for good so you can get on with your life.

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